SS, copper, 14K Gold chain with copper beads and
4 big black pearls 18"
Sterling Silver Copper 14K gold with large
black pearls
Pearls and Gems
natural organic designs
Moonstone Bracelet and Pendant
Moonstone Set - Kinetic Design
Moonstone and Turquoise Set
White Pearl Pendant on Leather Choker
White Pearl Pendant on Leather
White Pearl Necklace - Sterling Silver Wire
Rutilated Quartz Pendant on designer necklace
with earrings
Rosequartz Necklace and earrings - Sterling
Silver Beads and Wire - Set  $125 (or $95 neckl.)
Jade Necklaces -
left:      sold
right:     with Small Silver Beads
Available: $95.00 each
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Ocean Jasper Set
Ocean Jasper Pendants set in Sterling Silver

#s 1-2-3-4 in a square, starting at top left to right:
Number 3 is still available - $65 Each
Obsidian set in fused Sterling Silver -
Size 8 3/4
Moonstone set in Sterling Silver wire -
Size 10 1/2
SS - copper and 18k gold choker with 2 huge black pearls
Huge black pearl in SS, copper, 18K gold,
Size approx. 7