buffalo horn in 18k gold chain with
Sterling silver chain with buffalo horn and pendant with turquoise
buffalo and amber on a string,
sterling silver bracelet with  
bezel-set buffalo, and sterling silver
ring with bezel-set buffalo

buffalo jewelry
2 pair of buffalo horn earring with
sterling silver $65.00 ea
buffalo horn tips ($125 ea.)
buffalo pendant and buffalo star earrings
Turquoise necklace with buffalo beads,
buffalo pendant on leather cord ($195, $110)

natural organic designs
buffalo horn tip - bottle opener
$45 - available
2 buffalo bracelets - $65 - $75
buffalo horn bracelet/silver - $175
buffalo horn earrings/silver - $75
2 buffalo horn bolos with turquoise
buffalo horn and turquoise necklace/silver wire - $155
earrings are no longer available
buffalo horn and silver scarf pins (hair pins)
- $45 each
buffalo horn hoop variety - $65 each
Most pieces have sold on this
page, however, designated
PayPal items are still available
for purchase
buffalo horn and SS earrings