turquoise jewelry
This page is to show my style in turquoise and sterling silver combined with copper. My customers are
particularly fond of my use of turquoise with the metal combination.
I usually aim to do a body of work for a show and therefore do not retain a large inventory afterwards. Therefore,
most pieces on this page have been sold, however, designated PayPal items are still available.
copper/sterling silver and
turquoise bracelets
copper/sterling silver and turquoise cuffs
Sterling silver and Cripple Creek
turquoise, bracelet and ring
copper/sterling silver necklace with turquoise

natural organic designs
Turquoise beads on Sterling silver wire
and copper chain
Turquoise and Buffalo
horn strung on Leather
Turquoise and Corral with Sterling Silver
designs and Sterling Silver chain
Turquoise washers strung on leather
Copper/SS bracelet with turquoise
Copper bracelet with SS wire and turquoise
2 pr. Copper?SS earrings - turquoise
and mother of pearls
3 pr. SS/copper earrings - turquoise and plum beach
Big turquoise bead necklace on S
silver chain, hand made hook/eye
23" long